Training For Safety Valve Inspector

Oct 14, 2013 Mechanical

Safety valves are key assets in any process plant that operates under pressure. Acting as a ‘last resort’, these fully mechanical devices are designed to operate if an over-pressure situation occurs. They therefore safeguard the plant and help guarantee production, but more importantly, protect the plant’s most valuable asset, its workforce
This course provides both theory and practical training in safety precautions; precision measuring instruments; and identification, operating principles, disassembly, repair, reassembly, and testing of Consolidated, Crosby, and G.I.S. safety valves. This course is presented only upon special request of the command.

1. Introduction and General Information
2. Precision Measuring Instruments
3. Identification of Safety Valves
4. Safety Valve Operating Principles
5. Inspection and Repair of Safety Valves
6. Troubleshooting the Consolidated, Crosby and G.I.S. Safety Valve System
7. Disassembly of the Consolidated, Crosby and G.I.S. Safety Valve System
8. Inspection and Repair of Consolidated, Crosby and G.I.S. Safety Valve System
9. Reassembly of the Consolidated, Crosby and G.I.S. Safety Valve System
10. Seat Tightness and Hydrostatic Testing of the Consolidated, Crosby and G.I.S.Safety Valve System
11. Hot Setting the Consolidated, Crosby and G.I.S. Safety Valve System

Instrumentation Engineers & Technicians, Design and Process Engineers, Operation Engineer, Asset Manager Team member, Maintenance Manager/ Superintendent & Supervisor

Ir. Y. Agus Jayatun, MT. and Team
Tempat: Hotel Shapir**** Yogyakarta
Rp. 4.000.000 per orang (Non residensial)


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