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Linux Fundamental

This course provide a comprehensive coverage about all aspects requires when start implementing Linux-based system. This course also covers how to leverage Linux utilities using shell-programming capabilities.

Intro To Linux
• Overview of Linux
• Linux Version
• Login into the system

Linux session
• Knowing shell
• User and machine identity
• Linux User manual
• Manipulating Files
• Utility GREP

Editor vi
• Specifying terminal type
• Editing session
• Vi Features
• Setting parameters
• Advanced Editing techniques

Linux Filesystem
• Linux standard directories
• File type
• Home Directory
• Manipulating Directories
• Access Permissions
• Links
Process I/O
• File Descriptor
• Standard input, output and error
• Redirection
• Here Document
• Pipe
• Filter

Born Again Shell (Bash)
• Linux shells
• Profiles
• History
• Bash script
• Job control

Linux Process
• Foreground & Background process
• Process status
• Signals

Advanced Linux Utilities
• Sort
• Cut
• Uniq, diff, and others

Shell Programming
• Shell Variables
• Control Structures
• Building application with Shell

Pelatihan ini sangat sesuai diikuti oleh semua karyawan yang ingin mengembangkan kemampuan IT khususnya di bidang Open Source Linux

Ardiansyah, ST, M.Cs
• Pakar dan Praktisi di Komunitas Open Source “Linux”
• S1 Uninersitas Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta
• S2 Pasca Sarjana Ilmu Komputer MIPA UGM
• Dosen dan Trainer di berbagai Perguruan Tinggi
• Penulis Buku Linux di Elexmedia Komputindo

Tempat : Grand Palace Hotel***

Biaya kursus Rp. 6.000.000,- per orang (Non Residential)